Savannahlander Itinerary

The Savannahlander departs Cairns every Wednesday between March and mid December,  arriving back on Saturday evening. Click each day below for a detailed timetable and itinerary for that day. There’s also a downloadable version of the Savannahlander itinerary if you need to print it or file it away for future use.

Itinerary - Savannahlander



The Savannahlander departs Cairns Station, located in Cairns Central Shopping centre. Please be at the station at least 15 minutes before departure. There is no food available at the station or on board the train so please organise breakfast at your accommodation  or bring your own supplies to eat on the train. If you would like to be picked up at Freshwater station let us know when booking.


We get a good look at the famous Stoney Creek Falls.


The train stops at Barron Falls Station for a look at the falls


We have a short stop a Kuranda railway station to enjoy the famous gardens.


The train arrives in Mareeba and stops to set down and pick up passengers if required. Those doing the Barron River Rover trip have a short wait at Mareeba station for the bus back to Kuranda/Cairns.


The Savannahlander stops at Mutchilba for morning tea. Orders are taken on board in the morning so your smoko will be ready on arrival.


There’s a short stop at the railway station in Dimbulah to have a look at the museum that has been set up in the old station building.


The train arrives in Almaden which is the end of the train trip for Wednesday. Lunch is at the Railway Hotel which is directly across the road from the railway station.  If you’re staying in Almaden then that’s the end of the day for you. Those going to Chillagoe will be transferred by bus after lunch.


If you’re staying in Chillagoe and doing the cave and town tour you’ll be picked up for your tour.


Those on the cave and town tour in Chillagoe will be returned to their accommodation and can relax for the rest of the day.

Note: Lunch and morning tea are at own expense.



The transfer bus starts picking up passengers staying in Chillagoe.


The Savannahlander departs Almaden.


The train arrives at the famous Bullock Creek Cafe for morning tea.


We stop at Mt Surprise for lunch. Passengers travelling on the Surprise Getaway leave us here and have a short wait for the bus back to Cairns.


The Savannahlander departs Mt Surprise. This is where Etheridge Rambler and Einasleigh half day passengers join us.


We arrive in Einasleigh. There’s enough time to have a quick beer at the pub or head down and check out the Copperfield Gorge. Passengers doing the half day trip from Forsayth join us here for our 2.45pm departure. Those people doing the half day tour from Mt Surprise leave us here and board their bus to head back to Mt Surprise.


The Savannahlander reaches the end of the line – Forsayth. Customers staying at Cobbold Gorge  transfer to a bus for the 40 minute drive to their accommodation. Those staying in Forsayth have finished for the day.

Note: Lunch and morning tea are at own expense.


Passengers who are staying in Forsayth and doing a Cobbold Gorge tour leave by bus for Cobbold Gorge.

The tour of Cobbold Gorge starts.

The Savannahlander departs Forsayth.


Train passengers enjoy a morning tea stop.

The tour of Cobbold Gorge finishes and passengers get on the bus that takes them to Einasleigh to meet the train.

The train arrives in Einasleigh. There’s a decent amount of time here to enjoy the gorge and have lunch at he pub while waiting for the people who have visited Cobbold Gorge to arrive by bus.

The bus from Cobbold Gorge arrives in Einasleigh. Lunch is at the Einasleigh pub.

The train departs Einasleigh.

The Savannahlander arrives in Mt Surprise for an overnight stay. If you’re staying at Undara Lava Tubes you’ll be picked up and transferred to your accommodation by Undara Experience staff. Those staying in Mt Surprise and not doing an Undara tour have the rest of the afternoon off.

If you’re staying in Mt Surprise and doing a tour of the lava tubes with Bedrock Village your bus will pick you up to head out to the tubes.

Passengers staying at Undara commence their tour with the staff from Undara Experience.

If you’re on the tour of the Undara Lava Tubes with the staff from Bedrock Village you’ll arrive back in Mt Surprise and can relax after a busy day!

Note: Lunch and morning tea are at own expense.




The Savannahlander departs Mt Surprise. We’re joined by passengers enjoying a Surprise Getaway or the 2 day Undara with rail.


We arrive in Almaden for an early lunch at the Railway Hotel.


The train departs Almaden.


A quick stop in Dimbulah, have a look at the museum that has been set up in the old station building and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.


The Savannahlander arrives at Kuranda. There’s a short break for a leg stretch and a look at the gardens.


The train stops at Barron Falls station.


The Savannahlander finishes its four day journey when it arrives at Cairns station.

Note: Lunch and morning/afternoon tea are at own expense.

Times may vary due to operational reasons (but not by much).