Cards Eligible for Concession Discounts

The Savannahlander values the senior citizens of our community and would like to extend a discount fare to those travelling with us holding a valid Senior’s card.  Please note that we are a private operation and that as such are not obliged to extend a discount fare but do so as our way of giving something back to our community.

As we invoice and require full payment prior to departure, we request that our passengers only quote the details on the following card types.  Please note your concession card type and number when making your booking for each passenger as appropriate.

Passengers should have their card available to be sighted by our drivers in case it is requested as they board. The original card must be presented – photocopies will not be accepted.  Failure to present a valid card may incur an additional invoice to return their fare to the full adult rate.

All concessions are valid for one person per card. When more than one name is on the concession card, the primary card holder (the first name) only is entitled to the concession rate.

Valid concession card types

Australian Pensioners Concession Card

Those holding a valid Australian Pensioners Concession Card issued by the federal government.


State issued seniors card

A Seniors Card is available to Australians aged 65 years and over.  We accept seniors cards issued by every state and territory in Australia.  Each card is issued by the states separately, please click on the appropriate image to visit your state authority.

ACT_seniors NSW_seniors NT_seniors
QLD_seniors SA_seniors TAS_seniors
VIC_seniors WA_seniors