Unlike many other forms of transport – we don’t have a weight limit, but keep in mind that you do need to be able to move your bags on and off the train.  Our helpful drivers are there to assist, but in the interests of safety you are ultimately responsible for your own luggage.  This may be particularly helpful for you if you are travelling on the Savannahlander as part of a larger journey.

Luggage limits:  You may bring as much luggage as you like – our trains have plenty of space and no weight limits. (you don’t need the kitchen sink, all our accommodation venues have sinks of their own)

Leaving luggage:  If you are making the Savannahlander part of a larger trip, you are welcome to leave some bags locked on the train each night. You may want to take a smaller overnight bag for each nightly stop. and your bags are accessible throughout the journey.

Please note that while all care will be taken, we cannot accept responsibly for any items left in the railmotors.

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