The Savannahlander departs Forsayth.


The train arrives in Einasleigh. There’s a decent amount of time here to enjoy the Copperfield Gorge and have lunch at he pub while waiting for the people arriving via Cobbold Gorge to arrive by bus.  Lunch is at the Einasleigh pub.


The train departs Einasleigh.

The Savannahlander arrives in Mt Surprise for an overnight stay. If you’re staying at Undara Lava Tubes you’ll be picked up and transferred to your accommodation by Undara Experience staff. Those staying in Mt Surprise and not doing an Undara tour have the rest of the afternoon off.

If you’re staying in Mt Surprise and doing a tour of the lava tubes with Bedrock Village, your bus will pick you up to head out to the tubes.

Passengers staying at Undara commence their tour with the staff from Undara Experience.

If you’re on the tour of the Undara Lava Tubes with the staff from Bedrock Village you’ll arrive back in Mt Surprise and can relax after a busy day!

Note: Lunch is at own expense.

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